Resale Royalty: Information For Artists

Artists are entitled to a 5% royalty on certain resales of their artworks. The types of artworks covered include artists’ books, batiks, carvings, ceramics, collages, digital artworks, drawings, engravings, fine art jewellery, glassware, installations, lithographs, multimedia artworks, paintings, photographs, pictures, prints, sculptures, tapestries, video artworks and weavings.

When is a royalty payable?

A royalty is payable on the sale of an artwork if:

  • it occurred after 8 June 2010 and is not the first change of ownership;
  • the sale price is $1,000 or more;
  • the artist is alive, or their passing was fewer than 70 years ago; and
  • the artist or the beneficiary of the artist’s estate is Australian.

What do I need to do to receive resale royalties?

If your works are resold in the future, you will need to be registered with CAL for CAL to pay the royalties to you. Registration costs you nothing, but you must give us certain information. You can register online at or by completing a registration form.

Remember that royalties are not payable until the second change of ownership after 8 June 2010. This means that how soon you become entitled to resale royalties will depend on how quickly your work changes hands for the first time, then the second, after 8 June 2010.

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